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Scams and scammers

One of the worst aspects of the Internet dating is numerous cases of scam men can face. Unfortunately, the character of online dating itself favors scamming unless you choose a dating agency very carefully.

Let’s take a closer look at the issue of scams and scammers.Hope our pieces of advice will help you detect a scam in communication with women through the Internet.

First and foremost it’s important to pay attention on how a dating agency operates. You should avoid agencies where women can place their ads online and nobody checks them. It’s better to select a reputable agency having local agents in the cities where women live. Their staff sees all of the applicants personally, interviews each woman in detail before deciding whether they should accept her as a client or not. They check her passport to confirm her identity and marital status and stay in regular contact with her to assure that she is still looking to meet her soulmate. Unfortunately not all agencies are that concerned.

The biggest group of scammers comes from the women who contact men directly, usually answering ads the men have placed online. Actually that seems like a good idea in theory, just sit back and have all these interested ladies write to you. But unfortunately there are people, they may not always be women, that are answering every profilejust like sending spam mail because they understand the ‘game’. They know no one is checking them. It should be understood that owning a computer at home that is connected to the Internet is still relatively expensive for an average person in the FSU. But for these scamming people it’s a tool of the trade.

The letters that men receive are roughly the same sort of thing, they are not very specific and rarely do they address things that the men have written about. But one thing is pretty common and that is the speed in which these ‘women’ develop feelings for the men. It is not uncommon to mention love after 4 or 5 letters. Now guys, get real, if a woman writes that she loves you after exchanging just a few letters run a mile.

It might be good for the ego, but it is not realistic. But scammers play to men’s ego, they send sexy photos of themselves (quite strange behavior for a genuine Russian woman), they write what the man wants to hear.

A flower delivery with the pre-requisite confirmation photo could be a very efficient way to check the ladies’ names and addresses. Scammers hate this, they love anonymity and they often think that they are beyond the reach of any man. It’s a big surprise for them when a local agency staff members turn up on their doorstep!! 🙂

So how can you avoid being taken? There are a number of things that one has to bear in mind. Firstly and most importantly, if you are searching for your Russian bride, you have to understand that this involves a trip to Russia to see her. This is a given. The Embassies want to see that your relationship is real, so showing that you have traveled to meet her and her family is always what they want to see.

The majority of scams involve money for travel to the man’s country. Most single Russian women will not be given a visa to visit a man she has never met, it would be extremely rare.

The next bit of advice is as follows: to protect yourself you should go through a reputable agency, one that has your interests at heart. Choose the agency where the staff is genuine and will provide you with the support you need. Having an honest and reliable partner in your search is worth its weight in gold!

No self respecting Russian woman will ever ask you for money, they are a proud people and would not want to be indebted in that way. Many scammers write about their terrible financial situation, looking for your sympathy, that is a big no-no. Genuine women will not write such a thing, it’s not in their character.

Beware of women that declare their love for you before you have even met. This does not automatically mean that she is a scammer, but recognizing scammers’ methods is always a good thing. A Russian woman is usually reserved in what she writes to a man, so her letters may appear not as ‘exciting’ as those from the scammer but that is the character of a Russian woman who has not met you yet.

Scammers send letters very quickly. Of course they do, it’s their job. A genuine woman has a life, maybe is a single mother, she has to work, travel (rarely will she drive) and while your letters are very important to her, sometimes they have to wait. You should understand that your lady will do her best, but it’s not as quick for her as it is for you sitting at your PC at home.

Are her letters specific to you? Scammers do not have time to compose every letter to each man, so they tend to be generalized and about nothing in particular, except that she cannot live without you, how lucky she is, love is so special etc etc blah, blah, blah…

Is this journey you are on easy? No it’s not. Are the stories of scammers true? Unfortunately, yes, there are always people looking to take advantage of someone else. But do not let this put you off, nothing of any value in this life is easy and the rewards of this process far outweigh the risks. Just remember some basic things and don’t let a pretty face overrule common sense.

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