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We would like to advise you to use our Search Engine. It is a very powerful tool and we think more of you should try using it.

Looking through the album pages can take you ages! Many of our visitors go straight to the new ladies page. But you can find all the latest women through the Search Engine too. And using the Search Engine enables you to refine your search rather than go through all the new ladies on the Latest Additions page.

Here are some of the features of our Search Engine.

You can select age, weight and height of a woman. Just leave it on “any” if it doesn’t matter to you.

Please select a lady’s Zodiac sign (if it’s important to you), her eye and hair color, number of children, country of the FSU where she lives.

Select your age to find women looking for men in your age group.

Select your language to find women who can speak your language. This will list ONLY women with level 4 or 5. These women do not need your letters to be translated.

Having phone, having email – it must be obvious! Yes, you can find women with home telephones and personal emails here.

In the field “keywords” you can enter the name of the city if you are looking for a lady living in a particular city, but please be careful with its spelling!

You can search for women from Sumy, Ukraine, aged 30, speaking good French with an email and phone, weighing 50 kg, 5’5″ tall, with blonde hair, blue eyes, with no children, Zodiac sign Sagittarius, who are divorced and looking for men aged 55 if you want!!! If you don’t get any results, try expanding your search.

You can select when women were added to our database. If you want to find ladies who joined this month, enter this month and this year in “Her application date between:”

Good luck in your search!

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