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  • Write to the ladies from our database only if you are sincere and looking for a life partner. Women from our album pin hopes on you, so please don’t try to deceive them.
  • Use the mail forwarding services of the agency for women that don’t have private email addresses.
  • Use the translation services of the agency for women that don’t speak foreign languages and don’t have private email addresses.
  • Write a good detailed introductory letter about yourself.
  • Capitalize on your correspondence with women, try to get as much information as possible from their letters.
  • Don’t forget to attach high quality photos. We recommend sending several ones. They should show you, and just you. Don’t use a photo with material possessions to entice, you will probably regret attracting the wrong type of girl. A good face shot, preferably with a smile, will be the best. Remember, the first impression is the most important.
  • The more women you write to, the larger selection will be. If you are not so young or feel you have a disadvantage such as being overweight, bald or some disability – go ahead and write to a larger number of ladies and see the ones who still want to meet you. The expense is worth it – you are trying to find a wife, not just a second hand car.
  • Always ask questions. In this case a woman will know what to write you in reply.
  • If you haven’t got good response from women, analyze your mistakes. Usually men make the three main mistakes:
    • they write to too few women,
    • they send poor quality photos,
    • their intro letters are short and uninteresting
  • 3 months is plenty of time to correspond, rarely do we see any really pertinent content in letters after this amount of time. Most of the time people fall into exchanges of pleasantries and talk of the weather and the price of rice in China.
  • Don’t just drop the correspondence, send at least a “Dear Jane” letter.
  • Don’t try to hide the fact that you are writing others. Be honest and explain she should do the same.
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