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Some Introductory Letter Composition Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do try to keep it fairly short, if you are sending more than a 1 – 1.5 pages, it’s too much. If you send a 7-8 page introductory letter, this alone can scare off 90% of women.
  • Do personalize it, you’ll need to focus on keywords she uses in her advertisement. Refer to her profile.
  • Don’t get into topics that might be very controversial. For example, all the Russian women like sex but don’t walk around telling it to strangers. Leave this topic for the future.
  • Don’t talk bad about all the women you dated, don’t get into the details of past relations, etc., you can talk about it later.
  • Don’t try to tell everything. It’s an introductory letter, not a biography.
  • Leave out poems that might not be translated well.
  • Ask questions. In this case a woman will know what to write you in reply.
  • Use simple English. Use hard not arduous, simple not unadorned.
  • Use a spell checker, it’s hard to find the meaning of a misspelled word.
  • Print your letter making it easy to read if you send it by regular mail.
  • Use our service of sending multiple letters if you want to send the same letter to several ladies.
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Some Introductory Letter Composition Do’s and Don’ts

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