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Frequently Asked Questions

List of Questions

Q: Why should I consider a woman from Russia, Ukraine or other former Soviet Union countries?

A: Women from the ex-USSR are an interesting phenomenon. Their outlook combines Eastern and Western way of thinking. They are less feministic but more feminine. Family is still very important to them. Unlike many Western women, they are not spoiled by civilization and do not have unrealistic expectations about life. They value family relations and are good housewives. They seek a faithful and loving man who can be their support and protection. If you treat these women good they will make you feel like a king! Besides, they are educated and extremely beautiful. We believe that a Russian woman can be your good choice!


Q: Ive heard lots of unpleasant stories about Russian women. Can you protect me from scam?

A: We can advise you to use our mail forwarding services. We provide free dating services for women. Our local agencies staff controls women and will never allow them asking for money. If a woman avoids using the services of an agency, it should put you on your guard. Please read our recommendations how not to be taken over here.

It’s very difficult for a woman to scam through us and also very difficult for an agent to falsely write letters through us. And Russian scammers don’t bother trying to get on our network when they can join a free site with an anonymous email address and wait for the flood of emails from inexperienced simpletons.


Q: Are your girls real and how do I know that the letters I receive are written by these girls and not your agent?

A: Yes, all the girls on this site are real and actively trying to find a foreign partner for marriage or a long term relationship. Ladies are being added to the database by our local agents in different cities on the territory of the former Soviet Union. A woman cant place her profile through the Internet. Our local agencies have no right to add a ladys profile to our database without checking her internal passport. An internal passport lists a womans children as well her marital status and current address. Our agents have to send scan copies of all hand written and signed applications to our head office in Sevastopol to be verified before they are added to our network. All original letters from women have to be kept and provided as and when we ask for them. You can ask for a scan of the original hand written reply sent to you through our mail forwarding service.

The regulations for the local agencies are very strict. We constantly review their work and if they dont meet our high standards, they are immediately removed from our system. For us it makes no sense to deceive our clients. Its our business and we do our best to run it honestly. Of course, sometimes there are problems but we try to correct our mistakes as quickly as possible. If you have any complaints or suspicions, feel free to email our office.


Q: Are all of these women still available and looking for a foreign husband?

A: We regularly check if the ladies listed with us wish to be removed from our database or are still in search for their soul mate, so we only list women who are actively looking for a partner.


Q: Why do the ladies on your site prefer a foreign guy?

A: The answer is poor economic situation in their own countries. They simply want to have stability and support, a warm house and traditional family – the things local men often cant give them. Local men often have a lot of problems: with their jobs, with alcohol, with money, with initiative. Men from America, Canada, Australia and Western Europe have good reputations as real gentlemen among Russian ladies.


Q: I am not from America. Are these women interested in men from other countries?

A: Yes, they are. The majority of women have no particular preference. The main thing is that a man will love her and treat her well. We have men from Italy, France, Spain, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, South Africa, Japan and other countries in correspondence with our ladies.


Q: I saw the same women with the same IDs on other dating sites. Why?

A: You can see the ladies listed in our database on other sites, its true. We are part of Angelika Network, a network of international and national dating agencies. A Beautiful Girl is an international dating agency having national agents all over the Former Soviet Union countries. Weve been working since 1998. We share a common database with other international agencies of Angelika Network but market to different areas.


Q: What is so special about your services?

A: Our agency has got a firm reputation you can rely on. Were proud of having helped lots of people find their true love. We think the reason why you should choose us is the quality of our services. We believe we have the best customer service on the Internet. You can check it yourself!


Q: Can you guarantee that Ill find a wife in some time?

A: We can’t guarantee that you’ll get a wife as we deal with people, with men and women and everything depends on how their relationships develop. The only thing I can guarantee is that all the ladies in our database are genuinely looking for serious relations with men aimed at marriage.


Q: I am in my fifties, does this matter?

A: Russian women typically marry men who are years older than themselves. They look for stability and someone who will be a good father for their children and can give them support younger men cant provide. Russian women are more interested in how well you will treat them than in how old you are. Age differences in marriages are often 10-20 years. While this can appear very attractive, having too large an age gap may mean you don’t have much in common or the activities the two of you wish to do are very different. We do not recommend our clients writing to women more than 15 years younger than themselves.


Q: Some of these Russian women have dozens and sometimes hundreds of address retrievals. Havent they found a suitable man yet? Why are they still on the net?

A: Unlike some other websites we dont hide the number of address retrievals. Yes, some of our women have had their addresses ordered 100’s of times but they are still available. Probably they have too high demands but most likely they have NOT met a suitable man. The fact that dozens of men write them doesnt automatically mean that they have a wide choice. Out of 100 men who order an address of a lady only 1 man will end up making the effort to fly out to meet her in person. So be optimistic!


Q: What is the best way to start using your services?

A: First of all, read about the services we provide. After that you should decide what woman you would like to meet. Make up your mind on her age, education, height, weight, language ability etc. Then go to our Search Engine, where you can enter the qualities you want to see in your future wife. Select the ladies you want to write to. You can click on the Order My Address button and try to correspond by regular mail. If you want to use our mail forwarding services, press the Send Me A Letter button. You will not get replies from all of the women you write to, so don’t just pick one or two. Decide on the membership or non membership route. You can also buy addresses in the packages of 10 or 20. You can order a three-way phone conversation with a lady. If you wish to meet in person any of the ladies you write to, we can arrange a personal tour when you get to that stage. Please have a look at our pricelist. If you find our prices acceptable, go ahead! We wish you every success in seeking your soul mate.


Q: I have seen some nice ladies I want to contact. How do I get their addresses and how much does it cost? Do you offer any discounts?

A: To find information on the procedure of ordering addresses just click here. You can purchase ladies addresses singularly or in bulk. Have a look at our prices on our Pricelist. We offer a system of discounts. The more addresses you buy, the cheaper they are. Youll get the best price if you buy One-Year Membership at our agency.

If you write to women through our agency, we offer the service of sending multiple letters, which can also save you money.


Q: How many women should I write to, to ensure I get a good response?

A: If you write to only one or two ladies, you are severely limiting your chances. The response from women depends on how good of a letter writer you are and what sort of photographs you send to them. The average man should begin with 10 – 20 letters and he would likely get a response from 50% of the women he writes to. The more women you write, the better the letters and the higher quality the photographs are, the more replies you will receive. Of course, no one can guarantee how many letters you will receive in reply. If you don’t get many replies, revise your letter or expectations accordingly and try again.


Q: What should I tell Russian women in my first letter?

A: If you want to attract high quality women, then you must show them that you are intelligent too. Women around the world are alike in many ways. Tell her all about yourself, where you live, what you like doing, write about your goals in life, what kind of a person you are, and who you are looking for. Don’t make the mistake of making all of this sound like a shopping list. Be romantic! How do you know if you are doing a good job of it? She will write back to you and tell you so! Please read our writing tips here.


Q: How will she read my letter if she doesn’t understand English?

A: The ladys English (German, French, etc.) ability is shown on her profile page. If she doesn’t speak English, and you write to her in English, she will have to either translate the letter using a dictionary, or ask someone to translate it (this service can cost her a lot). This means itll take you far longer to get a reply, and she may not even reply at all. This is why we provide translation services along with mail forwarding. You should indicate that you want your letter and her reply to be translated in your letter settings. We believe it might be nice to send your very first letter to a Russian woman in her native language and ask her if it is O.K. to send future correspondence in English or another language of your choice. Many of Russian women can speak English and some can speak other languages. Most have the ability to translate letters that you send to them. Once you actually meet them in person, you will find that even if you cannot speak the same language, you will be able to communicate well enough to fall in love! Read about our Electronic Talking Dictionary Translators.


Q: What does the language ability mean?

A: Level 0 – No knowledge.
Level 1 – Some forgotten knowledge from school or university.
Level 2 – Understands written text with help of a dictionary.
Level 3 – Understands written text with some help of a dictionary, can write or speak on the phone a little.
Level 4 – Understands written text, can write and speak on the phone (almost no communication barrier).
Level 5 – Fluent language ability


Q: If a woman has no foreign language listed on her profile, should I assume she doesnt speak English?

A: If a lady has no language ability listed, then she can not speak that language.


Q: I don’t have a credit card. Can I still use your service?

A: Yes, you have a number of alternative payment options if you don’t have a credit card or would rather not use it online. You can find more details if you click here.


Q: Can I write or send a gift through your agency to a lady who is not listed on your site?

A: Yes, we can send letters and gifts to just about any lady from the former Soviet Union countries and Thailand. If we have a local agent in the city where your lady lives, we can help you. You can find out if we have an agency in a particular city if there is at least one lady on our site from this city. You can send a gift or flowers to a lady not listed with us from our Gift page. To send a letter to a lady not from our database, just forward it to our office address office@russian-women-sites.net.


Q: I’ve heard that a lot of mail from the US goes missing. Is this true?

A: Mail from the US, Canada or even Europe can take up to a month in either direction. Some mail is lost, some is opened by postal workers, some is just never delivered, so don’t just give up if a lady fails to reply your first letter sent by regular mail. If you’re serious about her, be persistent.

Postal thefts and long delays being a fact, and some of our ladies not being able to speak English, we offer email forwarding and translation services to our clients. When you send a letter to a lady from her profile page, it is forwarded automatically to our office in the appropriate country of the ex-USSR. They then translate it, address it in Russian and put it into the local postal system. Instructions for replying by email are included with the letter. The lady can reply by post or visit our office in person.


Q: How long will it take me to get a reply from a woman?

A: Usually it takes a client from 3 to 5 days to get a ladys reply. Your letter should be translated and delivered to the lady, then she must have time to think over her reply and write it. After that her reply will be translated and forwarded to you. If you havent received her reply after a week, please email our office. Ladies who are not accurate in replying mens letters are to be removed from our database.


Q: I tried to write to the email address of one of the ladies on your site, and my letter returned!

A: First of all, you might have noticed that very few ladies from our database have private email addresses. Its not because we want to make you use our mail forwarding services. A lot of people in the ex-USSR countries have no telephone at home, to say nothing about computers and the Internet connection, though more and more people get access to the Internet. You can view the profiles of Russian women having email addresses if you check box Having Email on our Search page. However, I’m afraid that sending email to the former USSR can still be problematic.


Q: Ive had some bad experience with Russian women. They dont seem to be interested in me too much.

A: I’m sorry youve had bad experience writing to Russian ladies. A woman can choose a man, too. She can reply with a refusal letter. Such a letter will be sent to you for free.

Try to analyze the reasons for your failure. Probably you wrote to the top ladies in our database whose addresses were retrieved hundreds of times and who have very high demands? There are a lot of genuine women in our database. Perhaps they don’t have top model looks but they are sincere, kind and really interested in serious relations with foreign men. They will be happy to receive a letter from you and to reply to it. These women will be a good match for you. Revise your intro letter. It can be the cause of your failure as well. Read our advice on writing letters here.


Q: I’ve just received a low account notification. What does this mean?

A: This means that a reply from a lady you wrote to is ready to be processed and our local agent has tried to send it to you. When you sent your letter to her, you agreed to pay for the reply but at this time your account does not have sufficient funds to pay for it. You can add money to your account from any womans profile page or from our page Add Money.


Q: I’ve paid for a reply to be sent to me. How can I retrieve it and how long will it be before you send it to me?

A: To receive a reply, you should have enough money in your account. You can always view your account balance from our page Your Account. Our mail forwarding system is fully automated. When you add money to your account, our local agent is notified by email. Our agents don’t at weekends and at night. And dont forget that they are in the former Soviet Union, which is at least 3 to 6 hours ahead of Europe and at least 8 hours ahead if you are from the US, so the delay can be up to two days. We do not have copies of the letters to forward to you, only our agents in the ex-USSR can do this. To avoid delays with your correspondence, please make sure your account is kept at least $15.00 in credit.


Q: I’ve transferred money into the mail forwarding account. Why can’t I retrieve an address?

A: Opening a mail forwarding account does not entitle you to retrieve the addresses of ladies free of charge. If you wish to retrieve addresses and use the email forwarding service, then membership can be a better option.


Q: How can I check the balance of my account at A Beautiful Girl?

A: Our page Your Account shows all your current account information. Here you can change your personal details (email address, postal address, password, etc.). You can also view all addresses fonts you have ordered in the past and have forgotten or lost in Latin and Cyrillic.


Q: I’ve ordered Russian womens addresses before but lost them. Can you send them to me again?

A: See previous question.


Q: I’ve changed my email address and forgotten my password to log in.

A: You can change your email address and retrieve your password on our page Your Account. If you have forgotten the password, just enter your email address and click on the Retrieve Password button. It will be emailed to you in a minute. To change your email address just login with your old email address and password and change it on the page that follows.


Q: I was sending a letter to the woman Id written before and whose address Id already bought but was asked to pay for her address again. Why?

A: Most likely, you have logged in with a new email address and our system automatically set a new account for you. Try to avoid this situation. The thing is our system recognizes the clients according to their email addresses to send them back ladies’ replies and receipts. If you have multiple accounts, it can cause serious problems. You can have funds in one account but log in with another email address and despite the fact that you have money in your account, youll be asked to pay for your letter. The best way out is to change the email address in your old account from our page Your Account.


Q: I have enough money in my account but was asked to pay for the letter. Whats the problem?

A: The most possible answer is that you set a new account because logged in with a new email address. See the previous question.


Q: I am going to St.Petersburg soon. Do you have any ladies from this city?

A: Please use our Search Engine. You can enter the name of the city in the “keywords” box to do a search for all the ladies from a particular city.


Q: Can I meet on a personal tour women who I haven’t yet written to?

A: You don’t have to introduce yourself beforehand, but it helps because it gives them time to make arrangements. If you book a tour with us, you can just come to our local office, look through their catalogue and ask the staff to arrange meetings with whoever you want. You can meet as many women as you like, it’s all included in the tour cost. One of our staff will phone her and arrange a meeting that day. We can even provide an interpreter if the lady doesn’t speak English that well.


Q: What about having the girl Ive chosen come to visit me here instead of me going there?

A: You can only ask her, you have nothing to lose. However, it is very unlikely because a single woman from the former Soviet Union who has never met you will hardly obtain a visa to your country. Besides, we dont advise our women to accept such offers. Please get us right; it can be unsafe for both a lady and you.


Q: Do I need a visa for the countries in the former USSR?

A: For almost all the countries in the former USSR, you must arrange a visa with their embassies in your country. You usually require a letter of invitation from a tourist company or a person, and to have booked somewhere to stay before you are granted a visa.


Q: How will I learn when new ladies join your agency?

A: New ladies are joining us all the time. The new profiles are added to our database every day. You can receive the updates by subscribing to our mailing list. Just email our office with the Subscribe subject. Our weekly newsletters will inform you not only about the most interesting profiles from our Latest Additions, but also help you to take a closer look at Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet Union countries, their sights, traditions and holidays, as well as let you know about new pages and most recent innovations on our site. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to email us at office@russian-women-sites.net.

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